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Happy Halloween from all of us here at The Custard Co.!

We know this Halloween may look different than past years, but were determined to make it just as fun! Click on a game below to play for a chance to win a prize!

where is custard co.?

Similar to Where Is Waldo, try to find the hidden ice cream object! If you make it through all three rounds, you may win a prize!*

Count the candy corn

Submit your guess on how many candy corn are in the jar! The person who comes closest will win a prize!

submit a Sundae contest!

Take your favorite ice cream and toppings and make your very own sundae at home! When you're done, take a picture of yourself with the sundae and upload it here for a chance to win a prize!*

let us see your costumes!

On Halloween night, come into the shop with your costumes on and get some free candy and a discount on your treat!*

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