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Detroit Pistons x
The Custard Company

The Custard Company is very excited to announce our partnership with the Detroit Pistons for a media collaboration! 

What Does This Mean For You? 
Well, over the course of the next few months, we are going to team up with the Pistons to record some amazing content! In addition to content, we are going to be consistently giving away Custard Co. and Pistons Merch!

How Can You Keep Up With The Collab? 
Keeping up with the collab is as easy as checking this website, the Custard Co. Instagram or TikTok (@thecustardco) or the Pistons Instagram or TikTok (@detroitpistons)

Upcoming Collab + Giveaways: 
6/5/2021 - Creamy content out on TikTok - @thecustardco & @detroitpistons
6/22/2021 - NBA lottery TikTok live watch party - Merch Giveaway periodically during lottery


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